Saturday, October 6, 2007

#11 - LibraryThing... it's done!

Well, I’ve done the LibraryThing task… not a bad tool… much the same as iRead in Facebook... this is one of the blurbs from their site about LibraryThing for Libraries – I can see the possibilities:

"How can libraries use LibraryThing?
Fully integrate LibraryThing's social data into your catalog using LibraryThing for Libraries. LTFL lets you add tag-based browsing, book recommendations, ratings, reviews and more to your OPAC, by integrating with LibraryThing and its high-quality book data.
Use a LibraryThing widget to display new books or featured books on your library's website. You'll have to create a LibraryThing account, and add the books to it. Then use one of our
widgets to generate code that you can just copy and paste into your website.
Small organizations and libraries can use LibraryThing to as a catalog for their collection."

You can see a random list of titles from my library in the sidebar on the left of the page – this is just a small selection of books I’ve read and enjoyed over the past 30-odd years.

And these three books, the Tomoe Gozen Trilogy, are definitely some of my favourite – if you enjoy things samurai, like a bit of fantasy with some mythology thrown in, this is a brilliant series, based on a legendary female hero.

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