Saturday, October 27, 2007

#18 - Online productivity tools

I've played around in Zoho Writer and Zoho Show ... all these tools take a while to learn though... playing around is very time-consuming - but I guess once you've worked it all out then the time factor isn't so important...

Being able to do something from anywhere, have others check it out and then be able to edit remotely by choosing who can collaborate on the presentation would be extremely useful for those of us that work in different locations regularly, or who like to 'perfect' things from home. It does appear to have limited templates to use though... haven't been able to work out how you would create your own background in the programme - or whether you even can.

Here's a presentation I put together in PowerPoint and uploaded to Zoho Show... yes, you can import your own stuff but you don't have the same editing ability you do if you create within the programme!!! If you upload you need to make sure it's right... otherwise you have to edit in the original document and upload again... that's not a good way to create a presentation if you want others to have input!

But it was good for my purposes. This way I could create a background that I wanted. This is a condensed version of an assignment I wrote when I was undertaking the Diploma of Library and Information Studies (Library Technician's) course at Swinburne a few years back. It's something I feel strongly about and it fits in with my blog's theme perfectly.

These are the Zoho Services you can access:
Zoho Sheet
Online spreadsheet service.
Zoho Meeting
Zoho Meeting - Web Conferencing
Zoho Show
Online presentation tool
Zoho Writer
Online word processor
Zoho Notebook
Online Note Taker
Zoho Creator
Online web applications creator (one I'll definitely have to check out sometime!!!)
Zoho Planner
Online organizing tool.
Zoho Wiki
Online Wiki with public, private & group permissions
Zoho Chat
Instant messaging and group chat tool

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