Wednesday, October 17, 2007

#13 - done - finally!!

You can tell the things I like playing around with... and it's certainly not the tools you have to read about... but I have done and just for something extra, here's another mosaic... Escher's work... I luv his stuff...

1. My creation, 2. escher1, 3. escher2, 4. escher3, 5. escher8, 6. escher4, 7. escher5, 8. escher7, 9. escher9, 10. escher10, 11. escher11, 12. escher13, 13. escher6

I can actually see the benefit of this tool... how many times have you been at home or work and thought what a perfect website you saved the other day, and how useful it would be NOW??? If only you could remember it... Your favourites accessible from anywhere - it makes sense.

Now on to Technorati.... more reading!!!!!! Can't wait to get to podcasts, video and audio (sounds more like my sort of thing... but that's a few processes away yet!!!)

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