Sunday, September 30, 2007

More graphics / image generators


Now this could be a fun application… make your own scrapbooks, slideshows, greeting cards, photo albums, invitations, postcards… haven’t checked all of it out yet, but it definitely looks like it has potential… unfortunately you do have to download the program to the hard drive – but if you’re able to then it’s well worth checking out… one of its drawbacks is the time it takes for the pages to load when viewing… there’s always compromise!!!!


Warrior women
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There's a rich herstory of women warriors, rulers, amazons, samurai, pirates, buccaneers, crusaders - women had to fight for their beliefs and survival in their own way in a patriarchal society (and things haven't changed!!) - here's just a small selection of graphics I put together.

Here's a few sites to check out if you're interested in the background herstory of some of these women...

Women Warriors of Japan



Women in world history


lovegod said...

So which one of these gals is you then?

MM said...

Great blog wizewoman - it gives me an idea of what can be achieved with these blogs whilst falling desperately short myself - thanks for the inspiration.

MM said...

How did you place "comment moderation" on your blog wizewoman? An interesting feature -didn't realise it existed until I posted the last comment on your site. (it has all the bells and whistles!) very impressive