Sunday, September 23, 2007

# 6 - More Flickr fun or "Flickr'd out"

Another Flickr toy, another post

And a gripe about the applications and the technology. The "trading card" was much easier to "create" than the montages I posted before, but I find both limiting in the amount of changes you can make to the template.

I also find it frustrating that everything you want/need to use has so much advertising attached to it!! And that you have to join this, and join that!!! No just go and do it, but sign up here first!!!

Aside from that, I am finding this blogging business very interesting... am looking forward to the next step in the process.

Created with fd's" Flickr Toys.

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Kenneth said...

Speaking of daft technologies.. my banner only displays properly in Firefox. No idea why... wordpress is meant to be "more accessible" to...

I haven't even looked at this weeks stuff yet... metrics are driving me mad.