Sunday, September 30, 2007

#10 - Playing around with image generators...

Just playing around... I think this could be a useful 'design' tool... I'll have to have more of a look around at image generators and what they can do...

This is one of my favourite pictures – M. C. Escher’s “Reptiles” – must admit it’s enjoyable playing around in your favourite things.

I’m having fun with these image generators - both have different features - set graphics in ComicStrip Generator, but you can change the font and font colour - the ability to use your own graphics in Flickr Toys but no control over font – you can't have everything, but I guess that's what this is about, finding the right tool (toy?) for the job!!!


Nancy's pearls said...

hey proud womyn- if I bring the pinot grigio, a promise to blitz your garden, and my firstborn cat (he's old and farts, you can have him!) could you please take me on your passionately purple journey?
-how to make my blog rock
-how to edit the boring old templates
-how to have fun with RSS et al?

Consider yourself booked, we'll talk in the 'old-skool style', face to face, ya?

Jardin Angelou said...

Hi Proud Womon,

Love your pix (feel exactly like the womon in "Her Dream"). Having all sorts of trouble getting image sizing and positioning to my liking.

For my next blog I wanted to put two images side by side, run text and then again have two images side by side at the bottom of the blog.

Any hints you are prepared to share?

Fellow Vege