Saturday, November 15, 2008

Public service sucks bigtime!!!!

well, makes you sick at the very least!!!! They're a sharing lot, the public - especially when it comes to their insidious little bugs!!! I've been 'laid low' for the last three days with a horrible gastric bug... I won't go into that though, suffice to say I felt like fucking crap!!! I guess there's a bit of stress happening too... me mum's just been 'officially' diagnosed in the later stage of chronic kidney disease - that's after 12 months of being ill since her not-very-successful, debilitating keyhole gall bladder surgery - part of the problem with her kidneys now!!! oooh, think there's a bit of anger there as well - we're talking about power of medical attorney stuff at the moment... she doesn't want dialysis at her age - guess I'm the one she trusts to enforce her decision if she can't - but I'll think about that tomorrow....

I received a postcard yesterday - you really have to wonder about the postal services... it was from my friend Steph who was travelling in Italia way back in june and july... dated 15/7/08!!! You have to wonder where it's been all that time - did it go on its own journey around the world?? was it sat in some mail house somewhere?? or was it just in a neighbours house waiting for them to re-direct it??

Anyway thought I'd share it - I was a tad taken aback at receiving something with the leader of that misogynistic, anti-gay, roman catholic church adorning it (and they're big on adornment!!!) - then realised it's coming up to that dreaded 'can't get away from christmas carols' time of year so thought advertising maybe - until I read it and realised who it was from...

(I found 2 different meanings for grande testa - big head or mighty loaf... both seem apt!!!)

and, on that note, I'm going to make the most of being out of bed, feeling better and seeing the lovely sunshine out there I think it's time to enjoy the garden - it's looking good - especially after the rain we've had - that's a wonderful sight and sound... we might not hear it too much more!!! It has been a pretty productive little patch this year - lots of spinach, parsley, coriander, onions, lettuce, carrots - there's something about being able to walk out the back and pick enough food if not for a meal, at least part of one... the tomatoes and beans are taking off, beetroot and zucchini have just been planted, the herbs are looking good - the grapefruit and peach tree are looking wonderful - can't wait to see what sort of peaches - everything just looks alive!!!!!

Here's a bit of a collage of parts of the backyard at the moment... if you look hard, you can just make out 'thereheis' in the bottle brush -you get a picture of Loudle (aka Louis and lots of other names) because he just happened to be in the yard at the time - of course there's no just sitting on the ground for a poodle!!!! and the old girl, well she was inside under the bed - that's another thing - she's doing a lot more lying around, sleeping... she's gettin' old.... a picture of her next time!!!

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Linda said...

I'm feeling for you with your Mum - we have been there for 18 months now, and are just coming out the other side after she lost one kidney, with complications.

She is one tough womon, she told her doctor the other day she was sorry she was too late to be a suffragette. I remember asking her if she was scared, as I set her up against a Manager Corporate Services, and got her organising everyone in the Senior Cits to go and borrow five books a day to get a branch figures up. She just looked at me and said "My Dear, I have been through a World War. And you think I would worry about HIM"

Your garden looks beautiful.