Wednesday, June 25, 2008

Ciao Stephania & Pietro

I've got friends overseas traipsing around Italia at the moment... thought I'd just put this map up so you can see where they've been... some of the place names don't appear on this size map - but a more detailed map didn't allow a quick glance over the whole area so I've done the best I can...

and while I'm here... whenever i hear the word "ciao" I think of a song by Lynne Randell (or Randall?) that came out in 1967 - good Aussie music - "Ciao baby"... and I couldn't believe it was on YouTube... so here it is... I so wanted to be Lynne Randell when I was 12!!!! Best get onto the 60's hey... so much to write about!!!! Soon - I'm on holidays for a couple of weeks so there's plenty of time!!!


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Anonymous said...

they used to play it on 3MP when I was a kid. Love the big fat dum-dA dat bassline, so funky...
And how hot are her red balloon pants and slit-backed bolero?


sailor lil'