Saturday, June 21, 2008

It's the Winter Solstice in Australia

So I couldn't let the day pass without acknowledging the transition from dark to light... today is the shortest day of the year but they're going to get longer now... more light, more encouragement to work in the garden... and isn't it lucky that two of my favourite vegies can be planted right now - garlic and onions - ohhh, how could I live without these two staples!!??? They also look lovely when growing...

and better still, they're versatile and I rarely make a dish without one or the other!!! Looking for recipes?? or Crafts... Check out Comfy Country Creations

or have a look at Gardenate to see what else you can plant in June in Australia - guess I know what I'll be doing for my holidays next week!!!! and of course I'll be doing some more blogging... and of course entertaining hey SailorLil'!!!! Photobucket

but ahhhh... what will she blog about next???


Anonymous said...

Hi Wize,
we know that winter solstice marks a very important time in pagan and wiccan calendars.
My focus tonight is to acknowledge this time as a thinning of the veils between life and death, by thinking of my ancestors, particularly those grandparent ones who still infiltrate my dreams!
It's also a time to make the home warm and inviting to family spirrits, as well as the little people- those mischivous firecracker energies associated with with faerie folk.
So I'm cooking a pot, laying a few extra sapces, inviting some 'others' to join us within some safe bounds (for me!), then keeping a flicker of fire going all night (red candle) at the front door.
Let's welcome in those cold ones, those old ones, that if left long in the between-spaces feel this weather even more than us! At this time more than any other they are very close. just a firefly would draw them to us, or a candle-glow in a window.
'play safe and blessed be.'

Sailor lil'

stephanie said...

Hi WWom on

great to see the Soltice in Aust. it has been here in Roma, however the Goddesses are shining down with sunshine,one could say an abundance of light (Luce) and warmth.

glad to hear that you are taking a small break from the rigours of work,esp in the Aust.Melbourne Cold.

Take care and when you are more into your blogging, I hope to return.