Tuesday, November 4, 2008

a lazy weekend... but oh so enjoyable!!!!

I'm glad to say no 'trick-or-treaters' came to my door on Friday night - I didn't have to disappoint any kiddies... but what a tragedy in America - a 12 year old boy shot and killed... it's such a frightening place... yet an interesting time politically - an historic time?? we'll know tomorrow...

on that note - 4 days off - in a row!!! I've done nothing, or done a lot this weekend... depends on your interpretation...

finished reading one book...

As darkness falls, by a new Australian author - Bronwyn Parry - she describes it as romantic suspense - I'd call it psychological suspense with a bit of erotica and romance thrown in... there's abduction, a hurt woman (emotionally, mentally and physically), a hurt man (emotionally, physically and mentally), a serial killer (of course!!!) a lot of time together, and a dog named Finn... I enjoyed the story and the depiction of the Aussie bush!!!

started reading another one...

Damaged goods, the third book in June Hampson's Daisy Lane series, set in England in the 1960s during the Kray Brothers 'reign' - you get the picture of the type of people and time it's based - killings, pay-backs, violence - I enjoy her writing too - it's written in real sorta like cockney like way a speakin' luv... so it mightn't be 'everyone's cuppa tea luv'... but I'm comfortable with it.

oooohhh, certainly has been a slack loooong weekend... all of the domestic stuff that had to be done got done (it's amazing what you can make yourself believe doesn't need doing!!!!)

Did a lot of dvd watching the last couple of days too - watched some Torchwood, some Weeds, and some old (Basil Rathbone) Sherlock Holmes - it's been sooooo slack - grouse, because it's going to be a busy weekend next week...

of course, I've smoked a lot of dope, eaten a lot of munchies, drunk a lot of tea and coffee - and enjoyed every minute of it!!!!

I think my body and my mind have needed this time off... there should be more of it - I am oh so getting past working all the time - I've been in the workforce since 1970!!! even to be able to cut down by one day a week would be so good!!!!

dream on woman!!!! it's back to the real world tomorrow!!!!!!

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Anonymous said...

sounds perfect, kinda like the weekend I just had.
had to work, but didn't have to cook on Sunday so planted roses, did some cleaning. watched some 'weeds' and some 'deadwood'.
ah luvely!
I must write a blog soon, I'm boring myself!