Sunday, July 13, 2008

Thinkin' about the 60s.....

Okay, okay... I've been thinking about the 1960s - have started drafting my post, but while I'm doing that ('cause it won't be up today!!!!) I thought I'd just give you a taste of the Australian music scene at the time... well, the music I was into anyway... unfortunately there weren't a lot of aussie women 'doing' the music I liked - Wendy Saddington was one of the few women I could think of that really did blues and rock & roll - no doubt Janis Joplin was an influence - and we are talking specifically Australian music here.

There were of course lots of wonderful women singing in this era - Yvonne Barrett, Little Pattie, Pat Carroll & Olivia Newton John (they sang together and solo), Judy Stone, Marcie & the Cookies, Laurel Lee to name a few - I thoroughly enjoyed their music (yeah, I can still sing along with the juke box and boogie to it!!!!) but it wasn't my preferred style of music - and there was a lot of crap music around too!!!

So while I'm working on my next post, I hope you enjoy the music I've put in the playlist....


Anonymous said...

oh how I love the easybeats (won a go-go dancing comp at age 16 dancing to 'sorry') and the masters, and janis, and and and.

one day you'll come over (when I've replaced the stylus on the record player that got damaged in the Neil Young Harvest Fiasco of 2008!) and we'll spin through my collection of 60's vinyl that I mostly ineherited from my aunty..

looking forward to the full 60s post!

'little lil the go-go girl'
te he he.

Anonymous said...


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Ryan H.