Saturday, July 19, 2008

A recruitment drive????

After my rant about the catholic church in my last post, I couldn't resist sharing this!!!!
It was sent to me yesterday and I cracked up... is the catholic church that desperate for numbers??? A coalition with the 'dark lord' of the sith??? archbishop vader maybe??? The second coming???

"The Sith are a group of fictional characters in the Star Wars universe. Characterized by their single-minded lust for power and disdain for sentient life, they are an alliance of warrior priests who use the dark side of the Force and serve as counterparts to the
Jedi Knights."

After that description, it's no wonder the 'dark lord' has attached himself to the catholic church - they have the same attitude towards people!!!!


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Anonymous said...

I love it- that's hilarious!
still looking forward to your 60's blog, but no pressure cause my own blog is a bit in need of an update.
been too busy making some edits suggested to my 'novel in progress'.
whiskey kitty's just hopped on my lap- she likes you blog too.
sailor lily.