Friday, July 3, 2009

I was reading Curvy Kitty’s blog the other night, and her depiction of tea, scones, jam and cream in the wonderfully evocative post "a day at the gallery" started me thinking about me nan (that's her, with poppa joe - sorry, it's a bit 'fuzzy' - it's a really old photo)…

It didn’t matter when you dropped in to nan’s, there was always a pot of tea on the go (with, of course, the obligatory knitted tea cosy), home made goodies aplenty – lemon slice, rum balls, white christmas, chocolate slice, cupcakes, shortbread, sponge, trifle, pavlova, and if you were there at the right time, hot scones, jam and cream…we all used to get a box of goodies at the end of the year (xmas to some) – a welcome (and anticipated) treat - especially when you had the munchies!!!!!

I can’t help but laugh when I recall a scene she vividly described one day. She liked to write poetry (some of which I’ll upload sometime), and when poppa retired he was, as most men of his era who'd worked long hours all their lives, at a loss as to how to fill in his day. Of course this was bound to affect nan’s personal space – especially her precious writing time.

She was writing in the kitchen as was her want when poppa walked past and commented “doing some writing” – the next ‘pass through’ elicited “still writing” – after a few more 'interruptions' and one too many "still writing" questions, me nan was pushed to retort “no, I’m doing an Irish jig in the backyard!!!!”

retirement wasn’t boding well for her equilibrium!!!


Curvy Kitty said...

A generation that truly understood what a good cup of tea can do! And such a stoic lot. I hope we hear more about your nan. I wonder if my mum would knit me a tea cosy...

Sailor Lily said...

let's all take up crochet!
and your Nan sounds like my dear old great Aunty Phyllis who I've blogged about before. At her funeral the eulogies read like a recipe book: scones, puds, flummeries, trifles and the best roast potatoes in history!
I also loved (and still use many of )my Nanna's cleaning recipes- things involvig borax, soap flakes, vinegar, bicarb and white spirits.
but scones, oh scones.