Monday, April 7, 2008

There's a new male in my life...

and he's such a cutie... little Louis (pronounced Louie) - he's a poodle, he's black, he's three and a bit (born in December 2004) and he's a real sweetie... (and if you just turned your nose up at 'poodle' you've obviously never shared your life with one - and their 'problem' is the way human's make them look - they don't actually carry electric clippers themselves!!!!)

Here he is, looking out the window and probably wondering where he hell he is (how come the street's so close to the window!??)... he's a little country boy from New South Wales - he's lived in Leeton and Wagga Wagga - and it's been a bit of a trauma for him... he spent a bit of time at the Riverina Animal Rescue Centre with Bailey, his companion from his 'old' home, they got fostered for a little while together in Walla Walla until new homes were found, said goodbye to each other yesterday and then made the trip down to Melbourne with an old friend.

I don't think he's 'used' to living with cats - I'm pretty sure the first thing that went through his mind when he saw Shadow was:

and I'm damn sure as soon as Shadow saw him he hissed:

and the old girl Allie, well she just doesn't care - she can cope with anything...

It's a 'transition' for all of us... but I'm pretty sure it's going to work out - he just has to learn that Shadow was here before him so has some seniority over him!!!!

Anyway, I'm on holidays for two weeks from next week so I intend to get stuck into the Web 2.1 stuff - seriously - time to pull my finger out so to speak!!! So catch you then!!!

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