Thursday, March 27, 2008

It's been a crazy week.... and this is just a short post!!

Is it the weather????

It's been absolutely frantic at work this week - haven't even been able to relax at home!!!! What IS going on???

Ooooh, maybe it's been far too much chocolate for everyone - could that be the reason they're so 'hyper'????

SEE, religion IS bad for you - if it wasn't for christianity, there wouldn't be all that chocolate in your face for months!!!

And can you believe this - chocolate coated potato chips!!!!

Don't you feel sick just thinking about it!!!!

And while I'm adding a graphic, here's another one from Care2's retro e-cards that really took my 'fancy'...

Coffee frience


Anonymous said...

work was crazy because A.B and A.W weren't there!
te he he.

I love the coffee graphic- she looks so happy I'm wodering if there's valium in the cake and if the water glass contains gin to go with her enahced coffee.


Hi 'anon'... whatever's in them, it's pretty damn apparent we should all be taking it hey!!!!

and I'm still waiting for your new url!!!!