Monday, April 28, 2008

Oh no.... my holidays are over!!!!

Well, it's back to work tomorrow... what happened to those 2 weeks??? Can't believe they're already over...

I'm going back a 'new' woman... sort of... well, I've had my hair cut, I get my new glasses next week, I'm revitalized (but that won't last for long!!!!) but I'm definitely not 'rarin' to go'!!!!

I got hardly anything that I intended done... where does the time go????

Guess I watched a lot of trashy television, spent time with my feline and canine companions, read some, ate a lot, drank hardly any alcohol (a nice change!!!), but I did smoke a lot!!!!

The main reason for this post is to alert people to two campaigns by the "GetUp" mob...

if you're passionate about reconciliation, you may like to buy this song and send a message to the government...

and here's a climate change ad that GetUp are trying to get onto television...

If you enjoyed my last post on the 50s, stay tuned for the next one on the 60s... a radical, exciting time to be alive!!!


Anonymous said...

well gosh then, a new haircut eh?
and here I might have to bring along my selection of some (yes I've finally conted them ) 27 lipsticks (18 of which are red) whilst you're in this mood for change. I love the lippy: pink for calm days, red for don't fuck with me, Revlon Red for I'm a vampy tart, orange for interviews (powerful, quirky, not too scary) and mauve for don't fuck with me I'm walking with death!
So- you up for a mo in the chics loos with a pushy lady with lipstick??

so sad when hols end and one wonders where all the plans crawled away to..perhaps they were with you all along, but just decided that your company on the couch with a little animal critter were fine by them too (the plans I mean).
so perhaps plans like holidays too?

re my blog- I started looking at which chapter for the next installment, then spent two hours writing more on the latest section, as well as editing like mad on the rest...then said 'oh fuck the blog I've gotta go and shop, hit the gym, have a day then have a drink!

Will get there this Friday. But I had posted a new poem (old, wrote it last year sometime) in the right hand side..

anyhoo- I've told my friend in Singapore to read you cause she needs to escape their censorship culture. You may now have a rabid political expat as a new fan!

long comment again sorry!
anon (te he he)

stephanie said...

hi Signora,

reading your blog in bookshop with 3 internet access points. what you would like about it is that the owner has her security guardia one lovely dalmatian. he-she stands proudly on a bench and has a long lead. is really placid. our lovely to see this rather than overweight macho guards with guns pretending to be polizia!!!.

Give my regars to your Ts Dept, esp Liz, Kirsty, Randall, Nicole shout a big hello to rosterino Noreen. hope this reaches you.

Ciao Stefania

Siracusa Sicilia
Monday 28-04-08 12.30


hey anon... you wouldn't believe the amount of makeup I used to wear - it was THE era of eye makeup - my mother used to tell me I looked like I was getting ready to go on stage!!!!! (will move on to your blog!!!)

and thanks Stephania - will email.