Monday, November 12, 2007

30s & 40s Technology - the Typing Pool

I worked in typing pools in the early 70s - but not quite as cramped as some of these!! Although I did learn to type on this sort of equipment in the 60s!!! (and I hope you're enjoying the wolf and rose graphic - I put that up because it's a great image).

I have to say I do prefer Photobucket over Flickr for the things I've done so far - it seems to be far more user friendly.

The end of the programme is looming... I just have to 'reflect' and write a few thoughts - but that's for another post!!!!

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nancy said...

hello Proud; well once again your blog is beautious, bountiful and bang on the money!
as for me, Ms Martini pearls?
my Alpahlink connection is fast fading, not sure if it's thier fault or that of our old dodgy telstra lines that when wet act like a cat (i.e. shrunken, jittery and very very silly!)
suffice to say I suspect I only have five more mins, so I decided to say hello rather than start a blog o mine own...
but nonetheless the wine is drunk, the cats are purring, the man of the house is playing bad guitar on a low amp.
sheeesh- might I add that I hope that swelling has gone down!
more tomorrow.
AND I LOOOOVVVEEEDDD (and lurved) the image on this week's post- truly wicca-ed!