Sunday, November 25, 2007

The carnival's finally over...

Howard and Costello are out!!!!!
(with a bang apparently... Howard looks like making history - Stanley Bruce was the last prime minister to lose his seat in 1929!!!! That makes Howard only the second prime minister since Federation to do so - way to go Maxine!!! - you should have retired John!!!)

Rudd and Gillard are in - good to see a woman get there finally, but she is bound by her party's politics - will we notice any change??? Is there much of a difference between Labor and Liberal these days???
Will they ratify the Kyoto Protocol??? soon???

I'm sure these magnificent creatures need the answer to be YES!!! This is just a small selection of the amazing animals who stand to become extinct if we don't do something NOW!!!!

"Climate change and global warming impacts on species in a number of ways. Animals and plants that are suited to cooler climates will need to move polewards or uphill when the climate becomes even just that little bit warmer. This process has been observed in many places – in the Alps, in mountainous Queensland in Australia, and in the misty forests of Costa Rica. Fish in the North Sea have been observed moving northwards too – fish stocks that used to be common around Cornwall have moved as far north as the Shetland and Orkney Islands. The impacts on species are becoming so significant that their movements can be used as on indicator of a warming world. They are the silent witnesses of the rapid changes being inflicted on the Earth..." read more here.

and what about this little cutie... Photo Sharing and Video Hosting at Photobucket... the Pika, the first mammal to be endangered by climate change...

and of course there's the birds, the plants... won't the world be a far more barren place to live without this beauty?!?! Would you really want to live in a world like that?!?!

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