Saturday, May 9, 2009

when love has gone...

why is letting go so hard? why does it hurt so much? in knowing it's what has to be, when will the tears stop flowing? memories of the past haunt us - we try to make some sense of it... but there is no sense to make, there is no blame to lay - it took both of us to reach this place... we thought we were forever, but nothing stays the same... we tried so many times and failed, caused such heartache and pain, but in trying to keep what we had known, our love died along the way... but we have our lifetime of memories, intimacies we shared... we wove an incredible story, unforgettable chapters in our tale of life.... we once felt deep love and passion, and that we can't deny... but we've grown too far apart these days, our politics so different, beliefs no longer shared... we need to live apart now, and move on with our lives... but what becomes of friendship, when such a love has died? are the memories too painful, the differences too great? we'll see where our paths take us, and learn if friendship can survive...

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We have shared so much together
Love... laughter... fun times... tears;
Yet sometimes we can't turn back time
We must walk away, allow ourselves to heal

(excerpt from "Letting go" by Judy Burnette - it's a lovely poem until the last paragraph when it mentions god!!)


Theorie said...

Nice...who was the author?


me brann... apart from the last 4 lines... why, do you think i'm only capable of quoting others?

Anonymous said...

Don't despair. The memories of laughs, teamwork and hot loving are yours to keep, nothing destroys them, not even an unpleasant present. Think of them as your gifts to each other and keep them safe. Pull them out sometimes to have a look at and let yourself laugh and cry.

some loves just burn white-hot and people get hurt in the conflagration. Damn fine to feel the heat but you have to know when to back off.

take good care of yourself and keep talking; I know you'll be feeling pretty lost and sad right now.