Sunday, January 11, 2009

back to the 60s...

I found this 1966 newspaper cutting amongst me mum's photos last time I went through them... it's from The Sun newspaper of June 1, 1966 - The Sun used to come out in the mornings, and The Herald came out in the afternoons... that was way before they merged in 1990... I couldn't resist posting it (sorry about the quality... paper's really, really fragile!!!)


this was how Judy (me mum) found out that me brother Darrell was wagging school (and had been for months!!!)... the article makes it sound like he was on a school excursion... being in the newspaper was a dead giveaway of not being at school!!!! but it was also a catalyst to finally getting out of the christian brothers college that he hated so much.... some of the 'brothers' and the 'sisters' could be violent people - and of course corporal punishment was allowed in the 60s!!!!

the column 50-50 (does that still exist in the Herald-Sun?? - I don't know, I don't read it!!) gives a 'window' into what concerned some people in 1966 - apparently whether bread should be baked and sold on Sundays was one of the issues... hard to imagine these days not being able to get bread on a Sunday, hey??!!!


and here's some of the music we were listening to in 1966... enjoy...

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