Monday, September 29, 2008

More of livin' in the 60's....

There was an article in the Age "Sunday Life" magazine yesterday about Luna Park - icon of my childhood (and many others, still!!!)

Me mum was the 'head cashier' at both Luna Park and the Palais Theatre in the 60s - it was grouse... a wonderful place and time for a child to be growing up...

One of the stories my mother told us (and still does, she's 79 after all!) was when the Rolling Stones appeared at the Palais in 1965.  She was asked by some fans to get them to autograph some pictures and hard-saved for record albums (yep, vinyl it was way back then!!!) - so she took the 'stuff' and left it with them - unfortunately they did have the reputation as 'bad boys' - and they proved it to her... everything she'd taken to them for signing was destroyed - records, pictures, whatever she gave them!!!! She then had to apologise to all the fans that "trusted" her with their valuable possessions!!! And of course my mother hasn't forgiven them to this day!!!! "Dirty, rotten little bastards" is still her term for the Rolling Stones!!!!

So many memories of the 60s - so much happening - and sorry my posts are non-sequential - I'm jumping around all over the place - I've yet to even mention Australia's first foray into Vietnam in 1962 - guess we know what the next post will be about!!!!

By the way, I'm trying out a new browser - Google Chrome - check it out - I love it's 'intuitive-ness' (is that even a word??) - looks like it might be bye-bye IE and Firefox for me... I'm loving it!!!! 

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larrythelibrarian said...


in the 80s when I was living in East St Kilda we would all get stoned and then rush for reduced price last hour at Luna Park and do the rides in a real hurry