Monday, September 22, 2008

some good news (finally), and some bad news...

On the good news side:

I got an email from some friends the other evening - they've been trying to get pregnant for so very long... it's been hard, physically, emotionally and mentally - and finally they're going to be parents!!!!! Way to go Amanda and Chris!!!! The picture opposite is their ultrasound of "flipper" - their term not mine!! - I did get a laugh out of that though!!!!

Have a Baby Cocktail Mocktail for me (recipe instructions: 1 part Pineapple juice, 1 part Cream, mix all ingredients in a cocktail shaker / stirrer and pour into an unusually shaped glass. Add Crushed Ice and decorations!)

being the 'connoisseur' of cocktails that one of them is, she might need this... "Margarita Mama - Mocktails for Moms-To-Be" - at least she can 'daydream'!!!! because now comes the readjustment... the changing of lifestyle... the excitement!!! (ohhhhh, but please don't ever lose the 'art' of conversation!!!! it can happen!!!) - and the responsibility... who could be bothered (oops, that's just a 53 year old talking - thinking about having a child around now!!! really, I don't have enough energy for me and what goes on in my life...) I am extremely happy for them though - and they're going to need that stamina!!! they're lovely people, and they'll be great parents... so much life experience, so much wisdom - oh, I should say they're 20-odd years younger than me hence so much enthusiasm and physical ability!!!!

And the bad news is:

I go back to work tomorrow - yuk!!!! I can't believe my two weeks off went so quickly... it was a really good break... just winding down... a nice few days away (me, Allie & Louie) - life's been pretty good since we've been back... unfortunately the burning question now is "why can't I win some money so I can be a woman of leisure permanently"??!!! Oh well, them's the breaks I guess... trouble with being working class... oooh, but what does work have in store for me????

and just for the hell of it (and because it's from the 60s):

I was going through some photos the other day and came across this one... me (the tallest - must have been the oldest too - I'm just not taller than others!!!!) and family friends. It's 1962 and I'm 7 years old - don't you just love the pom-poms on the top!!!! and that hairstyle - actually, it's not much different than how I wear my hear now at 53!!!! (a better style cut though now!!!) things really do go full circle!!!!

but now, because it's my last day off, I'm going to have some bongs and a lazy afternoon - well, lazy after doing all the 'domestics' that I've been slack with lately... and I'll be back with more soon...

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Anonymous said...

oh aren't you jsut gorgeous?
thanks for the blog, the mocktail recipes and the very adorable pic of you as a wee lassie!
I shall try hard not to lose the art of chat. This may involve writing conversation starters on various body-parts in indelible ink as cheat notes. Hey- I could get things tattood like 'so what have you read?' or 'what about that fucking right-wing dick-wad on the news last night?'

I watched roller-derbie chicks too and thought it was a hoot. Fancied myself back on my original 70's skates kicking ass on the rink wearing hair-curlers, tights and a frou-frou negligee.
Ah the old days of being a bayswater-rollerama-babe and speed skate queen...
see you back at the factory!