Thursday, November 10, 2016

what the fuck america???

gobsmacked... america chose a misogynist, racist, speciesist, rich white man - anyone other than a womon - what the fuck america??? 

i read a brilliant piece on feminist current - "...Hillary lost, not because she was a bad candidate, but because she is a woman. White men won this election. Fear won this election — fear of the “other,” fear of losing power, jobs, money, guns, property, and privilege. Hatred won too — of minorities, refugees, people of colour, and, of course, women. The absolute unwillingness, on the parts of white Americans, to consider a woman as president won. Even women voted against themselves — for a man who doesn’t see them as equal, never mind human. Who, quite frankly, hates them." 

i also came across this stunning, says it all graphic ( ...

barbara kingsolver wrote a thought-provoking article published in the guardian - End this misogynistic horror show. Put Hillary Clinton in the White House - which is well worth a read...

i'm still stunned, needed to say something because it's horrifying on so many levels - it's just made this world that little more scary - yet again, what the fuck america???

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