Tuesday, November 9, 2010


i was inspired yesterday when i came across a very quick and easy, no-bake chocolate cheesecake recipe - vegan of course... so i had to make one (with a couple of minor changes) and this was the result... berries would have been a nice topping but i only had chocolate chips (and they only went on one piece - should have melted and then drizzled the chocolate over!!!) still, simple yet delicious - although i did have the munchies at the time so perhaps anything sweet would have been delicious...

my (slightly altered) recipe...

1 1/2 containers soy cream cheese (i used tofutti)
150g of dark dairy-free chocolate (i only had sweet william and only about half the required amount - and it's really only good for 'emergencies' - now a good quality raw dark chocolate would have made it richer - next time!!)
big slurp of dark agave syrup (i only had light syrup on hand but it's not as dense and full-flavoured)
approximately 8 plain biscuits (e.g. leda golden crunch or mcvities digestives)
3 tablespoons of nuttelex
cake tin or dish (in hindsight i should have lined this with baking paper!)

crush the biscuits until crumbs
mix the crumbs with the nuttelex until it all sticks together
pat down the crumb mixture on the bottom of the sandwich tin
place in freezer until finished next part of the recipe

for the filling:
place cream cheese in a mixing bowl
melt the chocolate and fold into cheese
add agave syrup
mix thoroughly

take the crust out of the freezer
pour the mixture into the sandwich tin
level out with spoon
put in fridge for 3 hours to set;
after set, top however you'd like and enjoy!!!

and no, allie and i haven't eaten it all - yet!!! for all her other elderly infirmities me old girl's sense of smell is amazing - that nose twitches away - then she's off the couch and on a mission - doesn't take her long to zoom in on her target!!! even shadow doesn't mind the filling (fuck the biscuit base he reckons though!!)


Curvy Kitty said...

Oh I used to love sweet William chocolate when I was vegan. I thought it was rather nice! Your cheese cake looks yum

Proud Womon said...

ta... sweet william's a tad bland to me... loving earth make a beutiful raw chocolate (but it's fairly expensive) - eskal is standard price though and my next preference...

Sailor Lily said...

hmmm cake. nuff said. lily.

Proud Womon said...

hmmm, yummmm...