Thursday, April 2, 2009

the wee baby Finn is here!!!

It wasn't an easy birth - but after problems and intervention he's arrived... he's beautiful... everyone's in love... kudos to Sailor Lil 'n Cap'n Chris... he looks like a real sweetie... he has a good set of lungs apparently... Lil's milk
came in today so she's a happy (and, no doubt, more comfortable) woman, Finn's an even happier wee babe, and Chris is ecstatic... all are doin' well... but I'll bet emotionally overwhelmed at the moment!!!

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bet you want to see more pictures of him - and the proud parents...

just a quick post tonight - had to share Lil's happiness with the world!!!!


larrythelibrarian said...

Hey wyze woman,

yes it was terrific news. Put a smile on my face = he will be a well loved baby

Sailor Lily said...

thanks so much for your beautiful blog! my own just pales in comparison, but so little time between the feeding and nappy cycle.
we'll chat soon- I'm really looking forward to a good catch-up, and antipasto plate and a glass of wine between our birthdays.