Saturday, October 25, 2008


Does jargon do your head in like it does mine? Ever felt like this?

I've been doing some research this morning (ooooh, it's afternoon already!!!! where did the time go???) - been trying to get my head around virtual private networks (very exciting hey!!!).

I came across this graphic... made me laugh (and I certainly needed a laugh after the geek-speak I've been wading through!!!)

And a laugh was good before I tackled researching dialysis because it appears that when my mother had keyhole surgery to remove her gall bladder 12 months ago apparently her "kidney function was affected" - sounds like another way of saying they fucked up!!! Far out - she's 79 going on 80 - she's at the "having to be informed about it" stage - functioning isn't quite bad enough for 'action' yet - but they're getting her thinking about it just in case... hence a lot of 'surfing' to find out more information and what, if any, alternatives exist.

at the moment it's all just tooooo much.... I'm going to have a few bongs...


(now this would make an interesting storytime!!!)

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