Monday, May 12, 2008

Bad news week...

You could say it's been a suck of a week where bad news about friends is concerned... one friend diagnosed 7 years ago with cancer - she's had a mammoth fight - admitted to hospital for emergency radiation treatment... then admitted to the hospice... waiting to see if she can get palliative care are home... only 52 years old... another family friend diagnosed with an extremely aggressive cancer... told it's only a matter of weeks... the tears have been flowing!!!!


I came across this poem on a site called Susan Weed's Wise Woman forum, and thought I'd share it...


When I am a Breast Cancer survivor I will wear pink.
I will wear pink for my mother-in-law who received no treatment because the doctors thought she was too old to receive treatment, and
who looked lovely in pink.

I will wear pink for my friends who lost their health, their hair and their youth in their struggle to fight breast cancer.

I will wear pink for the non-survivors who seem more comfortable with this watered down color of the blood lost while fighting this terrible illness. Maybe the white of their optimism mixes with it.

I will wear pink to soften the lines and the hardness that has come in my face.

I will wear pink to remind me that Spring always comes and flowers bloom and I have time to change and bloom again myself.

I will wear pink when my chest aches where my breast is missing and my heart aches for missing friends and I will remember the miracle of my survival.

I will wear pink when I stand in for my deceased friends at their children's wedding and I will remember their beauty at their own wedding.

I will wear pink when I visit the graves of those whose bodies gave out before their spirit was ready.

I will wear pink when I race for the cure and speak against dollars wasted on the useless testing on animals whose bodies are so different from humans that they are poisoned by medicine that helps humans and cured by medicine that is poison to cancer survivors.

I will wear pink when I listen to the names of those who have lost the fight with cancer and celebrate with those of us who still survive.

When I am a breast cancer survivor I will wear pink.

and another one:


you can't help but think about mortality and weep for the sisters that are losing their battle!!!

And looking around YouTube I found this song, Standing all the way pink ribbon original by Rachael Chatoor - for all the sisters.......


Anonymous said...

I'm gutted by your week, your blog, and it's poetry and song.
Its somehow easier to acknowledge that the real thing- which is actualy about being gutted for your friends and all women who suffer this fate, this death, so commonly. It is not fair and makes me rage in helplessness; it is not fair. It is wrong.

you are doing it hard being close to that which can only make you cry and rage. Choose a day to wear pink and I'm with you: some little ritual and token gesture of all the love and loss.

I'm sorry you have beloved people who are dying.
I am glad you have been their friend and recognise them here too.


stephanie said...

Hi Sharon from Siena,

Very beautiful here and extremely steep 'old croc is feeling it with the feet.

How is your dear friend. I trust that by being at home that can be some consolation to the pain she is enduring. Why is this infliction imposed on our bodies, is it not enough to endure from pubity the beginnings of a life long cycle? To add to this, women then have to pay the price of menopause and any added extras the genes throw up at us. So may your friend find some comfort in being at home,

How has your house hunting been faring?. the ridiculous prices that are being asked for has always amazed me.

Still cannot get sailorlily. send my regards to Amanda and hope she is hanging in there?. Has she had any further plans re motherhood or just leaving it to providence.

Visited a winery outside of Siena on Tuesday. call Montalcino. It is run by a woman and only women participate in the process of the wine making. Males help out in the admin side but only women are involved in the planting,crushing, processing etc., Thought you,d like to know that.

Have a little something for you when I get back (NO VINO 'too hard to carry and Pietro would drink it all!!!!!!!!!!!.

Say hello to any fellow slaves who I like and please take care of yourself.

How,s the web going. had trouble leaving a message the other day,
broadband very good here. Oh yes it,s raining here today so that is why you are lucky winner of a post it note.

Please say hello to Katherine for me.


Stephanie la Peste!!!